About Us



Hello and welcome! We are Lee and Yolande Clark, husband-wife dynamic duo. We have been together since 2006 and we have a bunch of wild and lovely kids!


Lee Horus Clark is an award-winning ceramic artist, an internationally renowned kiln-designer and builder, and he has been living and breathing clay and fire since he was a young'un.  A graduate of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, he is thrilled to be back in Fredericton with a new studio and his family in tow. 



Yolande Norris-Clark was born in Vancouver and took her first clay class at age three. Her ceramic art is represented by galleries in New Brunswick and Toronto and her work is collected widely from Kyoto to Toulouse.  A former piano teacher, she has extensive experience working with children and adults as an educator, and she is delighted to share her love of clay with her adopted home of Fredericton.

Contact us below, or email sasamat.clark@gmail.com. We love visitors to our studio, located at 133 Old Mill Road, Island View, NB, E3E 1A2. Feel free to drop in, or call ahead at 506 245-0741.